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(FAQs) Frequently Asked Questions About Grant Applications

  1. What type of programs and organizations will the Canton Community Health Fund support? Read answer.
  2. Can I apply for a grant for myself or for a family member? Read answer.
  3. My organization is headquartered outside of Canton, CT. Can we still qualify for a grant? Read answer.
  4. My church is in dire need for funds. Will the Canton Community Health Fund support our request for funding? Read answer.
  5. When is the deadline for grant applications? Read answer.
  6. How can my organization apply for a grant through the Canton Community Health Fund? Read answer.
  7. What are the stipulations if our organization should receive funding through the Canton Community Health Fund? Read answer.
  8. Where can I get a grant application? Read answer.
  9. Can I request a grant application by mail? Read answer.
  10. If my organization is granted funds from the Canton Community Health Fund, when is the outcome report due? Read answer.


The nature of the activities of the CCHF is exclusively charitable and educational.  The CCHF will develop, support and engage in activities such as educational programs or services that contribute to the enhancement of health or the well being of the residents of Canton and the community as a whole.

Examples of supported activities include:

  • New programs for all ages
  • Enhancement or strengthening existing programs
  • Capital improvements that will have an impact consistent with the goals of CCHF

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The fund does not approve grants for the following purposes:

  • Sectarian or religious activities (Requests from religious organizations for programs or activities that are consistent with the goals of the CCHF will be considered)
  • Grants directly to individuals
  • Endowments or memorials (excluding the Dr. Diter’s Memorial Scholarship Fund)

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Applications will be evaluated based on how closely they conform to the goals and objectives of the CCHF.  The final decision for approval rests with the Board of Directors of the CCHF.  All applicants will be notified in writing of the board decision following the May board meeting on the 4th Monday.

The board members of the CCHF consider numerous factors in evaluating requests for grants.  The committee looks at the following factors:

  • How many residents will benefit?
  • How will it enhance the health and well-being of Canton residents?
  • Is this the sole funding source?

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All applications must be received by APRIL 30th   of the grant year – there are NO EXCEPTIONS

All grants are awarded annually in May.

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Applications are available at the link below (grant_application_revised.pdf), or you may apply online,  or upon written request from the CCHF.  Applications can also be obtained from the Canton Public Library located on Dyer Avenue.

Please write to the following address to request a Grant Applications to be obtained upon request please write to:

P.O. Box 504
Canton, CT 06019

All applications must be completed entirely and have designated contact information such as a person's name, telephone number and email address, should the committee require additional information.

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In the event that your organization is awarded funds through the CCHF you are required to complete and return to the CCHF an outcome report no later than November 30th.  This report shows the grant committee how funds were utilized during the fiscal year and the outcomes of programs funded by our organization.  In order to be eligible for future funding this report MUST be completed and returned to us by the November 30th deadline.  WE WILL REFUSE TO REVIEW ALL FUTURE APPLICATIONS FOR FUNDING UNLESS WE RECEIVE THIS REPORT COMPLETED ENTIRELY.  The Grant Program Outcome Report is available at the link below (grant_outcome_report.pdf) and is available for online submission.

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